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Practice Planet Changes

To help players who are dueling on Practice Planets you can now see exactly who is deployed to a Practice Planet and what CE (Combat Efficiency) they deployed to the planet with. This should make it much easier to see what you're up against when you deploy for a duel.

My Reply is ...

To make whispering a little easier - you can now reply to your last whisper with /r instead of trying to re-typing the entire name. ie.

/r I am responding to your whisper

All Attack!

You can now issue an "All Attack!" order when you click on an enemy vehicle. This will cause ALL of your units to target that vehicle and attack it. Player who deploy with larger forces should find this order especially useful.

Update: Now only vehicles that close (within weapons range) to an enemy you "All Attack!" will target and attack that unit.

Targeting Improvements

Enemy vehicles you have targeted will now provide additional (useful) information: how far they are away and how many squares they moved last turn. This should make it easier to target easier-to-hit, slower-moving vehicles that are at the optimal range for your weapons.

Re-sizeable Chat

Small tweak today: If you choose to have your chat in a pop-up while deployed to a planet, you can now resize the window as you see fit (simply drag the bottom-right corner out as far as you like).


The TinyWarz Wiki is live! You can find it at wiki.mobrulestudios.com - some basic documentation from the Beginner's Area has been moved to the wiki and some new help articles are in-progress. Please feel-free to edit and update the wiki with your own tips, tricks and advice.

Chat Improvements

Chatting while deployed has been improved. You can now choose to open Chat in a separate window when you are deployed to a planet. This means that half-entered messages will no-longer be lost in-between turns. You can enable this feature from the "Account Settings" link on the main page. If you close the Chat Window while you are deployed, simply use the "Toggle Chat" button to re-open it. Note: The chat appears in a pop-up window - if you have a pop-up blocker running, you will need to allow pop-ups from game.tinywarz.com before using this feature.

Also, you no-longer have to enter your password (except when you are changing your password) in the "Account Settings" panel to change Account options, you can simply make a change and submit it to update your account.

Faction Markets

Factions can now set a decimal place for Market prices, for example a faction can now Buy ore for 2.5 Credits each and Sell Command Points for 50.5 Credits. This will make it much easier for factions to compete with Black Market prices. Also, totals will always be rounded up to the nearest credit, 14.6 Credits becomes 15 Credits, .2 Credit becomes 1 Credit.

Recruiting Limits

Players are now limited to recruiting 5 new crews a day (from Headquarters -> Units). This is to prevent people from recuiting massive amounts of crews simply to get the names they want and to create more of a demand for rookie crews.

Fixes and Tweaks

Some changes have been made behind-the-scenes to how Command, Credits, Tinybucks and Ore is given to other players to avoid issues with players giving items twice or not receiving errors messages. Also, all energy weapon mods were un-intentionally changed with the energy weapon update (all weapon ranges were reduced by 1) ... these mods have been reverted to their original stats.

The following three mods were tweaked (to balance them for future updates), here are the final versions:
Calypso: +1 Range +2 Damage +1 Recharge
Explosive Ammunition: +3 Damage -2 Range
Balanced Ammuntion: +3 Range -2 Damage +4 Ammo

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